Clinical Updates

Earthquakes - an unexpected help in interpreting the brain activity of premature babies

A new research method allows computers to calculate the brain functions of very premature babies during their first hours of life. "Brainstorm barometer" is based on the hypothesis that the brainstorms generated by the billions of neurons inside a baby's head are governed by the same rules as other massive natural phenomena.

Researchers have found that certain episodes, brainstorms of a kind, occur in the brains of very premature babies and are critical for the maturation of the baby’s brain.

Research News

Switching off brain circuit renders mice “out of touch” with environment

The sense of touch is important but often taken for granted in daily life because it seems simple and automatic. New research suggests that the apparent simplicity of tactile sensation comes from a clever two-stage brain circuit. By manipulating this circuit with light-driven optical genetic tools, researchers made laboratory mice literally “lose touch” with their surroundings as their feet became unable to sense rough or smooth surfaces. 

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