Image of the Day: Skeletal muscle nerve

Confocal micrograph of a cross-section through a nerve passing through a mouse skeletal muscle.

The dystrophin protein (red) is found in the muscle cells and DRP2 (dystrophin-like protein - green) in the plasma membrane of the Schwann...

Image of the Day: Sciatic nerve fibers

These teased sciatic nerve fibers are triple labelled for neurofilament (blue), S100 (red) and DRP2 (green).

The S100 protein is expressed in the Schwann cells of the peripheral nervous system and in astroglial cells of the central nervous...

Image of the Day: Dorsal root ganglion

Whole mount of a dorsal root ganglion from a 3 day old neonatal rodent.

Fluorescent tracers were injected into the hind paw (red and green) and allowed to travel back to the sensory neuron cell bodies that make up the dorsal root ganglion...